Post Free Classified Ads


Why Post Classified Ads on the Internet?

The classified ads are very effective way that both companies and professionals can use to make themselves known and create a sales channel for their products or services that allows them to reach the interested party directly without intermediaries and totally free, all thanks to the use of the internet where The reach to stakeholders becomes very wide since it makes it easier for us to reach users not only in a physical region but also on a virtual level.

In recent years we have seen how ads in a categorized way allow us to segment and sort our needs by creating a very effective sales channel where to place a free ad, we invite you to dare to publish your ad so that other interested people can contact you.

Tips for Posting Free Ads

Here are some tips that we should take into account when posting in any of the categories that ANUNTICO offers:

  • Title of the flashy according to announcement: Remember that the title is the first thing with which the user interacts so it is one of the most important points so it is explained with what you offer.
  • Good quality images: Upload a good photo that presents what you are going to offer, and if it can be a good selection of them if the product requires it, it generates a lot of confidence.
  • Emphasize the product warranty: On several occasions we sell products that are still under warranty, in the case of being used, so place this very clear in the ad since it will help you to sell your products faster because Build trust
  • Write a clear and detailed description: Ads with detailed information generate more trust and credibility about the seller.
  • Express the benefits of your publication: How can the product or service benefit? Because I need it? If you focus more on what helps, your publication will generate more trust and credibility.
  • Specify the price and shipping time: Always specify the cost and shipping time, since your ad will be more serious and reliable for users.
  • DO NOT publish the ad several times: This makes your ad block it in conjunction with your personal data.
  • Share the publication on Social Networks: Posting your ad on Facebook for example makes it reach more people who could enter the address we generated to see in detail all the information you wrote.